By means of a detailed duty-cycle calculation, we can quickly and easily do a first order assessment of a machine’s suitability for a specific duty by evaluating the structural integrity of the barrel, shaft and brake rigging. In addition, the electric drive is evaluated against the intended duty-cycle.

We are able to carry out a full analysis of all brake systems and components also considering legal and technical requirements of any proposed duty. Our analysis process includes static and dynamic considerations so as to ensure optimal brake system performance for any installation.

Finite element analysis

Gear analysis and reverse engineering

Our in-house analytical abilities include the detailed modelling and finite element analysis of components and assemblies so as to ensure the safety and correct operating life of critical components.


We also carry out failure analysis of components and structures.

By means of modern scanning, design and machining techniques, we are able to develop customised gear solutions for existing gear trains suffering from damage or wear. In many cases, this technology offers our clients considerably less downtime and repair costs as large gear components can often be re-used with modified tooth profiles so as to minimise the requirement for new gears or pinions.

Accessibility and dimensional studies

With the use of laser-scanning technology, we are able to accurately model chambers, haulage ways and machinery in order to provide animated planning for the movement of large components in restricted spaces.


This technology also provides accurate dimensional information for the design process and eliminates clashes between the new equipment and the existing installations or foundations.

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